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MUSICAL STAIRS by Remo Saraceni

Musical Stairs are an art initiatives  that increases physical activity and builds social connection within the communities. 

Like the Big  Piano (TM) , Musical Stair touches the chords of sensibility,  it influences positively the people who play it,  Its joyful notes create social  synergies putting everyone in a happy frame of mind.

Today Musical Stairs are acclaimed, adopted and recognized as a new  musical interactive aerobics device by governments and health organizations all over the world. (watch the video of 3Dnews)

Invented by 
Remo Saraceni at the same era of the Big Piano™,  was a successful exhibition since the public installation at Papalote Children's Museum, Mexico City .

Saraceni's musical stairs drawing, Papalote Children Museum
The first musical staircase at Papalote Children's Museum are intended to lift spirits. (see the New York Times  By ANTHONY De PALMA November 18, 1993)

Musical Stairs installation at Papalote Children's Museum,Mexico

Individual steps look and sound like a key of a Big Piano keyboard, producing one of a multiplicity of musical programs mode as a person ascend or descend the stairs.

Musical stairs will always be part of the
same landscape as Penny Marshall's late '80s movie, Big  starring Tom Hans. And we're quite willing to throwdown with anyone who disagrees on this basic fact. see opera chic article ) 

Musical Stairs is only one of Remo Saraceni inventions. Among things, he has been awarded a U.S. Energy Conservation Award for developing a revolutionary concept in lighting efficiency for use in shopping centers.  (  see  US Patent number: 4225808  ) Currently, Remo Saraceni is continuing his fantastic work in connection with well-known cultural establishments and institutions all over the world. 

Remo Saraceni realizes all kind of Musical Stairs, for private collectors or institutions,  for indoor and outdoor installations.

The original  Big Piano (TM) and all the  Musical Stairs are signed and certificated by Remo Saraceni, the artist who invented the original Walking Piano from the movie “BIG” starring Tom Hanks.
The implementation is a revolutionary concept in design.  A 35 years knowledge experience in pioneering in major interactive exhibits all over the world  will guarantee unique excitements and  performance without failure for many years to come.

For low budget is available  “DO YOUR SELF KIT”  with all  technical information and free consultancy.

For more information please contact.

Musical Stairs Installations around the world:






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